11 months

His First Air Travel

I should have written this post earlier but really, it slipped off my mind until recently.


Isa had his first air travel when he was 11 months – and I am sure it doesn’t mean a thing for him. Nevertheless, it was such an experience for me, and not so nice one in a way.


Malaysians were having their 13th General Election, and the silly me who has been residing in Kuala Lumpur for nearly 4 years was yet to registered myself as a KL resident (we Malaysians vote at the constituency corresponds with our registered address). I had to vote in my hometown which is 500km away, while my husband was a registered voter in a nearby constituency where his parents live.

And that means if I were to go back voting, I had to bring Isa, alone.

The thought sent shivers to my spine really. Taking a bus (and the whole 7 hours journey) is really as impossible as driving alone – so I had to resort to buying flight tickets (which cost a bomb, nearly RM500, as compared to RM50 bus ticket) KL – Alor Star, a one-hour flight. So much of trying to be a good citizen eh?

It was only two nights, so we travel light. No stroller too, and luckily Isa was yet to be weaned off fully from breastfeeding at that time, so there was not much of his bottlefeeding equipments to bring.

Well, I did try to travel light, but how light could it be when I had to carry a 9-kg child, who is yet able to walk, with me?

I took an early flight to get the cheapest price possible, and I think it was the best thing I could have done to make the journey easier. Isa was not at his most active phase for the day, he slept throughout the journey (in fact, he fell asleep even before the flight took off), and the flight was not full that I could have the entire row to myself (easier to breastfeed).

The most painful part is carrying him from the airport lounge to the boarding area i.e. the flight – let me remind you that it was a low-cost flight operating at a low cost carrier airport, so it could be nearly a 1-km walk before I could rest on my seat. Phew.

The journey back to KL was equally easy in that way, also more painful. It was a 8.30 pm flight, which was delayed for two-hours, and Isa could not sleep under bright lights – he even threw up and had his pajamas soaked in puke while we were waiting in the boarding area. Then he started crying and making sound and appeared clearly irritated by the long wait (and no daddy to entertain him) particularly because it was long past his bed time. We boarded on the plane at midnight. He finally got to sleep peacefully with his face on my chest the whole time only he woke up when the flight touched down.

After such an experience, I don’t think I will ever fly with a young kid like that without my husband. Or at least another chaperon.


How I Celebrate Mothers’ Day

Well, I did not.

On me celebrating, I planned on buying beautiful prayer suits embellished with French lace I found online for both my mother and my mother-in-law, but I did not manage to. I guess, that can be done later, perhaps in the spirit of welcoming Ramadhan (which is less than 2 months away!).

On me being celebrated: My husband casually asked Isa (as if he’d understand) to wish me a happy mothers’ day.

The truth is I was down with fever and flu since last week and the whole week has been pretty horrible. On Saturday my in-laws went out to celebrate Mothers’ day at a Middle Eastern restaurant (the type of food I am so fond of), but I just could not bring myself to go out – you know, preparing for Isa’s stuff is itself a headache.

So on Sunday the Mothers’ day I was just lying down, trying to do nothing as much as possible hoping that Monday won’t be as hell.

So that’s how I celebrate my first mothers’ day ever. Exciting huh?

And for the hiatus you might have observed in this blog – where I don’t even manage to upload a photo for the past few days – is because I was sick and had to take leaves, busy catching up with the deadline to apply for a scholarship for my MSc, and yes – we were both busy refining our plan and choice of a car to purchase.


This is our first car bought together, and while it is a milestone, it doesn’t help anything but reducing our net worth! We both own a car each  before we got married, but they are our parents’-loaned. We are returning his car back, and will keep my old car as a second car (which is really stupid, but still necessary for the time being).

Going to be in more debt, we are carefully choosing the car to buy and finalising our choice, so yeah, that makes me a bit busy, in addition to Isa being unwell too.

I am gonna stop whining now, but I have to say: What a life.

Day 9: The Waiting Game


Sometimes I feel like I have developed a new kind of paranoia. I end my working day at 5.30pm, and pick Isa up with one thing constantly in my mind: At what time will we reach home today? My husband is bogged down with work these days, though I know he is trying his level best to get away from office as soon as he can.

It’s a waiting game for us both.

Yesterday my husband could not get out of his office at 6 as he promised (in fact, he was still in a meeting room at 8.15pm!), so I had another mother and son time at Suria KLCC. It was not until close to 8.30pm that my husband finally came to us, and Isa screamed (as usual) happily at the sight of his father.

So yes, this is the end of another waiting game for him.
And for me, I got myself a lipstick – if that ever consoles the fact that there is always another waiting game tomorrow.


“Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.”― Garrison Keillor, Leaving Home

Isa is almost one year old. All Praise belongs to Allah the Creator, the Sustainer. It’s amazing to see how quickly he grows up. It’s even more amazing to see how he responds to things, when a few months ago he could not even control his own limbs.

For me the magical moments, the point where I was reminded that in front of me is not just my son – but an individual sometimes are just simple actions:

1. We were playing with a toy  where to listen to the sound, one must press the ‘screen’. Isa is yet to master the skill of pressing (there is no button, just flat surface) so after showing him how to do it for a few times, I stopped. He then pulled my hand and put them on the screen for me to press again. That simple act simply amazed me.

2. It is funny how he responds Whenever he sees my b**b. Like really, he turns half laughing half crying, a special expression reserved only for my b**b. And he has learnt his way to navigate through my shirt/blouse, only recently. That is really a milestone. I am really wondering what the sight of that means to him? Comfort? Nourishment?

3. How he gets jealous (?) when both my husband and I are cuddling each other. He will definitely come and join the company. I do not know about whom he feels more possessive that he becomes jealous – me or his father. Oh, he recently gives the same reaction too, whenever any of us is holding another baby.

4. My son will laugh when he sees me laughing. Maybe it is just a novelty, hence he seems to sense the difference from my usual expression (which most of the time is tense) and decided to join me. Just for the record, Isa seems more delightful around his father.

5. Isa has mastered the way to get out of the bed or couch. Previously he tried getting out head first (stretch his arms to the floor) which is hazardous, so the father showed him to get off with his legs first. He is now very proficient in doing that.Amazing is how absorbent his mind.

6. Having been living with a human who barely understand what you say, it is just stunning how, one day,  I could see his response to my question of ‘Isa nak susu?’ (Do you want milk?) and ‘Isa nak “enen”? (Do you want to nurse?). God is great indeed!

7. And yes, he grows up to show his likes and dislikes sometimes in an extreme way. He screams when something is taken away from him, or if we are trying to show him how to operate certain things or toys. Or if the time is right you will see him putting his face on the floor as a sign of protest.

iPhoneMarch 818

At this rate I know it won’t be long before he goes to school, or leaves me for college or even gets married.

Day 3: The ‘Always Sick’ Child


I was back in the line waiting for Isa’s meds, after only two weeks. Sometimes it hurts when people say ‘He’s always sick, isn’t he?’ but what can a mother do apart from being patient, pray and tend to him with more love and tender care, hoping that God knows what is best for us?