DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on these pages are mine alone and not (necessarily) those of any current, future or former employer.
How do I identify myself?

A Muslim. A life-long learner. A woman. A wife. A daughter. A mother. A homemaker. A sustainability practitioner.

You’ll see many of the entries written reflect the point-of-view of the above.

I currently live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I wasn’t born a city girl. In fact, I grew up in a palm oil plantation since my father managed one of the many estates. I was considered academically-inclined (which embarassed me most of the time now that I am an adult), collecting so many A’s throughout my schooling years that eventually I won a scholarship that allowed me to go to the UK to further my studies.

I went to the University of Manchester thinking that I’d graduate and become an oil and gas engineer, but with my Chemical Engineering degree and me being pretty much enlightened – I decided to pursue a career in sustainability area back in Malaysia.

I was very contented and satisfied being single all those years until this one man had the courage to ask if I’d marry him. I said yes, and ten months later we were married. And some 11 months later, our son came, followed by our daughter – whom we named Isa and Khadijah.

After five years working I decided to take a career break and become a full time stay-at-home mother and a part time student at a local university.

I used to love politics and football.
Now I think I prefer reading, sleeping, spending time with my loved ones more. Oh, I do love writing too.



  1. Assalamualaikum sis Nur. Selamat berpuasa 🙂 I found our blog coincidentally whiel google-ing on where to buy abaya online. I did find the recommended sites from your entry of course, but more importantly I found your entries on mommyhood which I totally relate to! Being a wife and working mom and career lady and all. Thank you for the sharing♥
    May Allah bless u n family..

  2. Thank you Diyana, for dropping by.
    It is hard not to share when that could be one way to find a relief – it’s such a challenge to wear so many hats at one time isn’t it?
    Thanks for your doa – May Allah grant you and your family blessings too! xx

  3. Assalamua’alaikum, Sister Nur. Have been visiting your blog, and have been glad to be able to relate to some of your learning experiences as a Sister in Islam. JazakAllah Khair for sharing your thoughts. May Allah (S.W.T) reward your family and you abundantly. Ameen.

  4. Waalaikumussalam wrt.

    Many thanks for dropping by, dear. You have excellent writings too on your blog, will definitely check it out again.

    Jazakillah for your du’a sister!

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Sister. All praises to our Rabb. Looking forward to reading more heartwarming posts on your blog too, In-Shaa-Allah. 🙂

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