Khadijah: the Eighth Month

My daughter Khadijah turns eight month old a week ago. Looking at how I missed recording her monthly development here on this blog, I reckon it is time for me to put some effort to do so.

In all honesty, eight month passed very quickly with Khadijah. I don’t remember feeling so overwhelmed by Isa’s development last time; even when I only spent half of my waking hours with him on average. But with Khadijah, days moved a bit too quickly to my liking despite me being around her nearly 24/7. Days turn weeks and weeks to months, and now there she is attempting for the umpteenth time today to stand unsupported – a skill she’s been trying to master since the last two weeks.

Khadijah often surprises me. Physical developmental-wise, I have learnt to be extra vigilance with her. Just after two weeks of her reaching the milestone of creeping, she begun the attempt to crawl, and before I knew it she started pulling up. And just as she mastered moving around while holding on to things, she has built the confidence to let herself stand unsupported – which means more hit, more falling down and all things that could make a mom begs for heaven’s protection.

She adores her brother immensely, and you can tell by how she looks at Isa each morning. Isa adores her too, and he loves seeing her all dressed up in a gown, glad that her sister turns into a ‘princess’ (but insists that he is a king instead of a prince -_-‘ ). I find it funny that neither of them can stand being awake alone for too long, and would do whatever they could to wake the other one up – despite the well-known fact that they actually can get more of my attention, and can play alone uninterrupted without the other one around.

I often wonder if their relationship would be that close if I were still working. They would still have been sent to the same creche, but with less contact time due to the different age group would they be, as Isa terms it, ‘best friends’? Is this another plus point I could add to the ‘list of things I or (we) gain from being at home’?

Khadijah’s strong character is observably growing each day. I have a thing for strong women, and aspire to be one of them – and I am thankful that she has  at least some traits of it – with the downside of having to witness both my son and daughter roughing up each other (no kidding about this!) and withhold my urge to stop them because they are clearly having fun. As my friend puts it – I need to stop being the party pooper!

It is important to record here that Khadijah is being extra nice to mommy being refusing milk from bottle and can remain happy with 3-4 hours between feedings – a mercy to me since that exempts me from having to express milk (and all the hassle that comes with it) in order to leave her for my thrice-a-week classes. Well, of course at some points her crankiness will appear but so far my husband can still handle it well…or so I think. Funny that she would happily snatch her brother’s bottle at any given opportunity but refuses to drink from hers. I should retrain her, really, but I am more tempted to leaving it as it is, partly because we have started solid food, and well, having to NOT pump milk and worried about the stock is mind-freeing.

Of course, at eight month the separation anxiety – the inevitable phase in a child’s life I assume – still strikes. For half of the day she’d be happy to play together with her brother without me within sight, but the other half would be spent tugging me, and holding on to my legs (now how am I suppose to cook, or eat, or even poop happily that way?) and crying and screaming her lungs out, if she’s not stuck on my chest. But this too shall pass, shan’t it?

My little Khadijah has indeed been a blessing (who screams), but I am just happy I get to enjoy her (and her screams).



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