10 Years of Blogging

“…we write to find out what we know, and what we want to say.” (William Zinnser ‘Writing to Learn’)

10 years

In three months, it will be 10 years of me blogging.

I have moved from Blogspot to WordPress, and then experimented for a year with a self-hosting one, tried Livejournal and Tumblr along the way throughout those 10 years. Nevertheless, I guess now I am back to the free WordPress. Self-hosting seems to be too much of a work, the kind I am not so keen to dwell on despite paying only RM35/year, and I’d rather lose the flexibility and choices it offers  than be overwhelmed by them.

I can now confidently announced that I am back to blogging on this particular blog – one with its url bears my name, which houses now 700+ random whining and rantings and unstructured thoughts of a then young and naïve university student, turned corporate slave, a wife, an unemployed mother of two and now a postgraduate student too. Last night I went through some of them. While I am truly embarrassed by at least half of them, I am still going to keep them here. It’s a proof of an evolving point of view, maturity and wisdom over the years.

My purpose for blogging has also changed over the years. As a consistent diarist, I craved jotting down my random thoughts. When I discovered blogging during my first year of university, I joined the bandwagon, partly to satisfy the diarist in me (despite having to screen my posts to ensure a certain level of privacy maintained) and partly to connect to my family whom I left 10,000 miles away. I also noticed that my blog, when I was active in the student organisation, also served as a communication medium among my friends in the Malaysian community in Manchester. I came back for good to Malaysia in 2009 and began my working life, which witnessed how my energy was absorbed mercilessly by 9-5 job that I was not inspired to write, at all.

Then I became a mom.

In a way I could never explain, my children me to write consistently again, and unashamedly my posts revolve around them. I felt a strong need to record my life with them, which very much feels like a life being totally redefined. Hence I began writing on a new blog. I hope – though no blogging platform is that permanent – that my posts will serve as a memoir of some sort for my children to read and get to know me some day when they are older. Little did I know too when I began the new blog, that parenting and how I see life after carrying two children in my womb require much thoughts that need to be structured and captured – in writing specifically, because that is how I learn. I learn by writing.

And because I have a strong desire to learn as long as I live, I supposed this blog will see many days ahead, God willing.

May Allah ease. 


One comment

  1. Afni, I wish I could be writing/blogging again like you.
    Been such a long time since I last read yours, catching up with it now 🙂

    -Kak Azila-

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