Not a Pinterest Mom


How is your relationship with Pinterest?

Mine was pretty much a love-hate one, with now reduced to occasional encounters.

I love it for the fact that it is easy to navigate, and gives me a lot of positive inspirations. I actually began to use it when I was moving into our new house, and did spend a huge amount of time on it.

I hate it because I know, after a while, that I could never be one who would contribute to ‘pinnable’ photos. And I agree when people say that Pinterest makes you feel like a bad mom with all the things you didn’t do. The pressure could be tremendous for a Type A person like me. Haha.

Earlier this year I wrote about how I should spend my year learning to slow down. One of the ways I listed was to dive into my creative side which I know I have all this while, but tend to ignore. Pinterest provides a platform for me to be inspired by others who have put their creativity to good use. My interests were pretty much around sewing, making children crafts, organizing, and much earlier than that, home decorating and interior-designing; so I did spend some time browsing through those oh-so-pretty pins, creating my own inspiration boards.

Nevertheless,  after nearly seven months of being a stay-at-home mom I can safely conclude that I could never be a Pinterest mom.

I’ve attempted a number of things inspired by Pinterest, and let me tell you how they went.

Let’s begin with sewing.

My mom loves sewing and made a lot of pretty dresses for us girls, and she herself once pointed out that of all her three daughters, I am one who she could see some potentials in sewing. And I do have some interest in sewing too. The interest somehow heightened when I knew I was going to have a daughter of my own… and on Pinterest the dresses seem so easy to make on my own.

My mother-in-law had earlier given me one of her sewing machine, which over the past years has only been used to do a few small projects namely Isa’s pillow cases and the laundry room curtain. That’s an average of one project every two years šŸ˜€ So just before Ramadhan I braved myself an attempt to make a dress for Khadijah, partly because I  could not help myself but thinking ‘The dress is so easy to sew there is no way I will pay RM60 for it‘ whenever I saw a nice dress at the shop. So I ordered a fabric quarter (which I knew would just be enough for a then 3.5-month old infant) and started sewing….until I was stuck at making the button holes. Then I stopped. I gave up.

In retrospective, I found myself NOT enjoying the process, lack the motivation (I’m not here to dress up my baby like a doll), and the opportunity costs. The whole dress may just cost me less than RM10 once it’s finished, but Khadijah doesn’t really need another dress so why bother. I’d rather have that few hours (yes, it took a few hours because I am an amateur) either playing with my children… or as I was imagining mid way in front of my sewing machine: Reading. Snuggling under my blanket reading a favourite book is much more pleasurable than this.

I will finish this dress... someday.

I will finish this dress… someday.

So I say, unless the project is really, really worth it (I am attempting to make a cot bumper this week), there is no way you could see me sewing again.

Next, children crafts.

Isa doesn’t enjoy making crafts much so I am limiting myself to a few really interesting projects, thus far, to work on. I don’t browse for ideas in my free time i.e. leisurely, I only do so when I have items around the house I can recycle and make a project with. I have an egg carton in my kitchen, so I created a board on potential projects yesterday. My experience tells me that with all the options I have gathered, I might as well show them to Isa and let him choose. Otherwise, it will end up with me doing all of it.

In anticipation of his birthday.

In anticipation of his birthday.

And no, even the finished ones are not gonna be Pinterest-worthy. By now I believe that all the crafts on Pinterest were made by adults. I am positive. With the help of good lighting and careful styling.

What about organising?

Most of the things in my house have their own designated places, what I need is discipline which is not available on Pinterest.

Home decorating?

I lack the motivation, and my husband isn’t fond of anything that is purely aesthetics. Everything must have a function, according to him, and aesthetics is not one.

As I made peace with the fact that I am not a crafty, DIY mom, I don’t think you’ll find me browsing Pinterest longer than a few minutes. I learnt it the hard way that I could never have the will to  fight the temptation to stop half way through the project and grab a book.

And I am okay with that.

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