The Mom of a Sick Child

I remember this particular day at work. I was walking towards the cafe on the ground floor of the office building when a colleague, whose son was also in the same creche as Isa then, stopped me.

She looked like she was in a total mess.

She asked me of Isa’s paediatrician, and confided, with tears flowing down her cheeks that her son was down with cold – terrible cold – that left them both sleepless at night. She was at her wit’s end trying to find a cure, but to no avail. She went to at least two medical centres, but though her son should be warded, both centres were too full to admit him.

My heart broke for her. I’ve been there. I’ve undergone that phase long enough to understand how her heart might be aching at that particular moment.

Tending to a sick child often leaves me feeling helpless. I was in as much pain as the child that I thought, when I was going through it, that I might die of anxiety. Is Isa breathing well? Did he just swallowed his vomit? Did the vomit entered his lungs? Isa was hospitalised in twice: one for pneumonia and another one for bronchiolitis and during the period leading to the admissions I found myself wondering if there is an end to that – Isa was consistently sick and seemed like never free from cold.

I remember hugging my colleague that morning, trying to calm her down. I felt her. I gave her the paed’s number, and secretly hoping that having her child been taken care of by the professional will relieve some of her burden.

These days, whenever my mind tries to wander back to those times I had to stop it. They were too painful to be relived even if it is just in my mind , and I am glad I took the option, the route that leads to less probabilities of me suffering from such pain. Khadijah thus far, all Glory be to Allah, is as healthy as she could be, when Isa, when he was her age, was warded for the first time.

Whenever I read, or hear about my friends who were in the same situation like this, I wish I could give them a hug and tell them to hang in there. It will be over soon.

I really do.


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