On Being 30

Me, less than a month old .

I celebrated my 30th birthday two days ago, Alhamdulillah. 

Turning 30 certainly makes me think about a lot of things. Over my morning coffee that day, I had the time to reflect about my life – on the worldly aspects to be specific.

When I was 19 and doing my International Baccalaureate, I remember telling myself that I would only get married when I am 30. I also found written in my journal (one I wrote during the first year in university) the then life plan, which consist of something along the line of ‘get a job in environmental/sustainability field, pursue an MBA on the third year of working, achieve certain position at 30 and then get married’.

And here I am, thirty and unemployed, by choice if I have to add.

Thirty and married to a wonderful man nearly four years ago. 

Thirty and blessed with two beautiful children.

Thirty and pursuing a higher degree which has little commercial value, if any. 

And yet, despite deviating from my original plan, I am content and at peace with myself more than ever, Alhamdulillah. My old self would have a hard time believing how I came to make these decisions, but that is life. The only thing that is constant is change itself they say, and it is true.

People change, and there is no point in mourning about that. I’ve taken up new roles upon new roles over the years. With those roles that I CHOSE to commit to come responsibilities, and I have my own ideals on how I should fulfil these responsibilities. Hence all decisions made along the way – life-changing decisions some of them – which basically is me staying true to what I think and feel is right.

So that’s it. A rambling on my birthday.


May Allah bless.


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