I Need More Time

I have a few more days left before leaving the workforce, and I know for some time in the future, I need to answer the same ol’ question of why did I do it – quitting my corporate job.

I have a set of different answers that I usually give – and my answer depends on the asker. One of the answer in my answer scheme is ‘I want to spend more time with my child(ren).

The range of reaction to the answer are always amusing, but I won’t discuss it here. But it is true that lack of  time is always the most pressing thing for me.

My job doesn’t require me working out of hours that frequently, but my conscience could not live with this average breakdown:

24 hours – 6 hours (I sleep) + 9 hours (office hours) + 2 hours (commuting) = 7 hours left

Out of that 7 hours left, where I could (most often) be with my child(ren), I have to minus a few more, because children sleep for longer hours, hence the remaining waking hours are getting scarcer. When Isa was younger, he slept at 9 PM, three hours before I did  and woke one hour after me. It was a relief for us parents, but a curse in disguise too. In that case,  I was then left with a mere 3-hour period to spend with him, and you know about the morning rush of us working parents, so really what’s left of it? Of course, his waking hours get longer as he grows, but then I will have more children requiring my attention.

When working a full time job is just a choice and not a necessity, resorting with the excuse of ‘What is more important is quality, not quantity’ is for me (and myself only, perhaps) is bullshit.

So yes, I quit because I want to spend more time with my child and future children.


p.s. I was lucky that Isa commuted with me to work so that’s an additional 2-hour window of waking hours spent together, but it doesn’t qualify as a window of quality time, however I tried to justify it.


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