The Homestretch

homestretch [hohm-strech]
1. the straight part of a racetrack from the last turn to the finish line.
2.the final phase of any endeavor.

I have not been writing for a while, and I thought I might as well write an update on my pregnancy, which surely deserves to be recorded in this space.

So this week marks the entrance into my final trimester, Alhamdulillah. It has been an incredibly humbling experience so far, from the ‘hellish’ first trimester which saw me using up my sick leave nearly all my allowance. The second trimester was pretty much a roller coaster ride; some days I had the energy for a shopping trip or two, or a ball game with Isa, the next day I could be bed-ridden with lower back ache which basically crippled me.

But all in all, the baby #2 is alhamdulillah, fine thus far. I could not be  any more grateful than that. I may not be all motherly, neither am I one who loves children so much that I’d bear anything to have one (or another one), but the thought that many would happily trade everything they have to be in my shoes is, well, keeping me sane and grounded.

I went to my monthly check-up yesterday at KPJ Tawakal Specialist Centre, along with my husband and of course, Isa. This is my first appointment with my ‘old’ obstetrician  – one whom I had my prenatal care and delivered with during my first pregnancy. I managed to secure an appointment with her, who is really sought-after (all female are well-sought after I guess), whose queue outside clinic is always long. Some points from my latest pre-natal check-up:

  • She made a remark about the fundal height being a bit high, and the baby being a normal but a bit on the big side. Whoa. Please baby, don’t be any bigger than your brother.
  • She commented on the note written by my previous obstetrician about my weight (which increased nearly 2 kg in a month last time, which for him means I should be tested for gestational diabetes), saying that I am still ‘slim’ that she would not worry about that since I have no family history of diabetes or gestational diabetes. Luckily, for the past month my weight was stagnant at 57 kg. And really, that’s was my weight pre-pregnancy #2. Net weight gain equals zero, thank you hyperemesis gravidarum. 
  • She keeps reminding me to be thankful that now I will potentially have a perfect pair of children gender-wise; a boy and a girl, which a lot of parents can only dream of. Give more of charity and fast as a sign of thankfulness, she told me.
  • She sent me for a blood test, and hopefully things are all alright on that part. I won’t see the result until my next appointment, but I am no anxious about that.
  • I noticed that her fee has increased!

Anyway, we arranged for Isa to see her paediatrician as well to get vaccinated too at Tawakal – he was really, really excited to see his doctor who has been caring for him since his birth, mostly because her room is filled with interesting toys. The paed was happy to see him turning into a chatterbox and – as usual, too distracted to cry upon being jabbed.And of course, Isa refused to leaver her room, and when he eventually said his good bye, he addressed the middle-aged doctor as ‘kakak’ i.e. young sister, which I am pretty sure make her smile!

Isa has been moderately excited about the coming of her new sibling. He has even chosen a name for her sister (God willing), and as he always do, makes a song out of it! He loves to flip through my Miriam Stoppard’s pregnancy book, examining the photos of unborn babies in the womb. My husband takes over quite a large share of the chores and in caring for Isa so I can have extra rest – he’s such a sweetheart. A lot of Isa’s newborn outfits can still be worn, so I’m just adding a few more stuff, mostly for myself.

I guess all I need to do is to focus on my final month at work finishing all the loose ends, study for my exam (which will be on the 5th of Jan), and enjoy my second half of final trimester at home (Well, hopefully).

So to the final trimester I say: Bring it on!


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