The Love that Knows No Boundaries

My parents were around for nearly two weeks. As usual they would split their time between my sister’s place and mine, so that they can spend time with their two grandchildren.

However now that I am pregnant with their third grandchild (and most probably their first granddaughter), the attention was split even further, with some given to the cravings of the pregnant lady. Oh, am I not lucky that way!

Yesterday, upon coming back from the mosque for early morning prayer, my father told us he has made new friends, and had breakfast with them. He described specifically the breakfast he had – glutinous rice with salted fish. And I started to salivate straight away. To which, of course, my parents reacted. They said they had a pack of uncooked glutinous rice in their car, that we could have it for dinner!

So we had the traditional meal I wanted for dinner that evening – glutinous rice, with shred coconut, some salted fish and my mom’s anchovies ‘sambal’. Alhamdulillah.

And since I have discreetly said that I wish I could have black glutinous rice sweet porridge (bubur pulut hitam) – which I usually dislike when I am not pregnant – my mom also made a full pot of that last night.  I am yet to taste it since I was so full with the dinner I could not even handle the porridge for dessert.

This morning, while we were having our final breakfast together before they left, my mom asked if I would like to have cabbage cooked with coconut rice cooked – she told me my dad asked him to prepare that dish since I have mentioned that I love it so much. I declined.

I mean, it was not even a complicated dish to make (takes me less than 10 minutes to prepare) but I guess parents are parents and they have this weird, unconditional love that has no boundaries.

O Allah, grant them happiness and have mercy on them parents.


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