Cameron Highlands with a Toddler

I could feel that my husband was craving for another getaway when he asked me to check whether there would be another destination we’d like to go to during Air Asia was having a massive mark down. Then we realised that we only have a short window of time still opened now that I am in my second trimester. Come third trimester I’d be too heavy to be adventurous, and most airlines won’t accept me as their passenger. Then come the baby – and yeah, I don’t fancy travelling with a baby less than six month old.

If we were to go somewhere now, we were left with less choices. It’s the end of the year, and most beaches on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia and in Borneo are no longer perfect for visiting with the monsoon coming.

So we were left with inland vacation – the only place I could think of was Cameron Highlands, which I have visited at least twice, and my husband probably none. Perfect, I thought!

Is Cameron Highlands suitable for toddlers?

Yes! Plenty of things to do and none of them really takes a long time before you finish looking at everything (save you from having a toddler throwing tantrums out of boredom). However, some of the places are not buggy/stroller-friendly. Suitable for toddlers who are in the phase of learning about animals, and perhaps (this is my assumption) for little girls who may have started to appreciate pretty flowers – my son doesn’t (as much as I hoped).

How should we schedule our trip?

I’ll skip the part on how to get there, though if you can, please use the route from Simpang Pulai instead of Tapah, especially if you are pregnant in your first trimester i.e. bound to feel nauseous. It is a more comfortable route to use if you have a bunch of screaming children on your back seats.

As my travelling principle revolves around being Free & Easy and making sure Isa is in his best mood (i.e. he has his nap comfortably and most importantly enough), my itinerary was pretty relaxed. We stayed there for three nights, and with the weather being a bit wet (it’s nearly rainy season), we got to do everything I planned for. Well, almost. I’ll explain later.  What I should have done better was to not over estimate the time needed to enjoy each places visited. As I have said before, most places we went to don’t require more than 2 hours. But, here is the big BUT, during weekends the traffic in Cameron Highlands is extremely terrible. It took us one hour to move less than 4 km. Weekdays may be a better option.

My itinerary looks like this:

Day 1: 

  • Left KL around 10:00 AM, and arrived at Simpang Pulai (check point where we met my parents) for lunch around 1:30PM
  • Reached Hotel Copthorne around 3 PM, checked-in and rest.
  • After the pregnant mom has her rest, we went out to the Night Market at Brinchang little town.

Day 2:

  • Left hotel after breakfast for the Big Red Strawberry Farm at Brinchang. Excused ourselves from visiting the Cactus farm nearby though.
  • Went to Sg Palas BOH Tea Plantation. It rained heavily so we had our short mid day tea break over there before heading back to the hotel.
  • Left Isa with my parents to get lunch for them from KFC. Reached hotel only at 3:30 PM
  • Rest for the rest of the day because it rained heavily.

Day 3:

  • Left hotel after breakfast for the Lavender Garden at Tringkap.
  • Went to Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm at Kea Farm after that.
  • Had lunch at Tanah Rata.
  • Went back to Hotel through massive traffic jam.
  • Went out to Brinchang ‘town’ for dinner. Stopped by a roadside market on the way back to the hotel.

Day 4:

  • Left hotel after breakfast for Rose Centre at Kea Farm.
  • Did some shopping at Kea Farm market.
  • Checked-out and left Cameron Highlands.

Best places to stay in Cameron Highlands?

If you are coming from Tapah, towards the highest reachable place i.e. Kea Farm, you will pass through Ringlet first, then Tanah Rata, then Kea Farm. If you are coming from Simpang Pulai, upon climbing upwards (in a car, of course), you will see Blue Valley, then Kg. Raja, then further uphill would be Tringkap, before you reach Kea Farm.

We stayed at Kea Farm (where the Copthorne Hotel is), and I am pretty happy with the choice given that it has better view (not saying the best view of the farms, it’s subjective) because I don’t prefer an accommodation in a town, though that will make it easier to find good places to eat. Those nearby the Sultan Ahmad Shah Golf Club would offer reasonably good view of nature too, but I suspect the price tags are not any cheaper.

If you don’t prefer breakfasts at the hotel, then perhaps a better choice would be any accommodation at Brinchang or Tanah Rata where you’d have better access to restaurants, food courts and stalls.

I will continue with posts on specific places we visited in Cameron Highlands soon!



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