My Little Chatterbox

I read in my favourite book ‘Einstein Never Used Flashcards’ that children, all children in fact, are wired to learn language. It’s in the God-given DNA that we human are able to learn language in ways that the experts are still trying to find out.

I agree to the statement, solely based on my observation on Isa’s language and verbal development. Isa has been starting to string more words together constructing more sophisticated sentences each day, and there are no days I am not gob-smacked by the capacity of a human being to learn, especially given the right support and catalyst.

These days I noticed that Isa has started to use conjunctions (Malay: kata hubung), or rather attempted to do so. His attempts include trying to use the word ‘tapi’ i.e. but. He got it wrong the way he used it, of course, but guess what, he gets the intonation correct! It sounds so dramatic like “Isa wants this, buuuuuuut….” I guess he picks it up somewhere, and yet to figure out how to use it properly.

By the way, he has started the “questioning” phase, which sometimes startles me. The last few days we’ve been seeing my GPs and we brought him along into the consultation rooms, only to face a lot of questions from him, after his brief observation period:

“Why is the ‘sister’ here? (Referring to the chaperon)”

“What is the doctor doing?”

“What is that on the table?”

And that curiosity warrants a free vitamin tablet from the doctor each time – which he likes – so I guess he won’t stop asking questions soon!


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