Some People Are Really Good at Saying No

Don't wanna go with you, mommy!

Don’t wanna go with you, mommy!


My little guy is collecting memories these days. The other day while I was away delivering training, he spent his time with his dad making short trips on trains and went to play at his favourite Starz Garden in the nearby mall waiting for me to pick them up. He was undeniably happy with  the experience.

A few weeks ago too, we brought him over to a bus station (or some of you call it coach station) to send my sister off to my parents’ place. He was ecstatic with the experience and cried a lot when we were leaving.

Today while we were on our journey to work, he suddenly spoke up.

Isa nak pergi stesen bas (Isa wants to go to bus station).

We said, okay, later.

Isa nak naik train (sic) ayah. Mommy work. (Isa wants to go on a train (with) ayah, mommy works) – well, he still misses conjunctions/prepositions in his sentences.

I was like, hey, I am excluded! This must be because his last memory on a train was without me.

So I asked him, if I can go with him and ayah on a train.

He confidently said no.

I asked again, whether he would want to go for a train ride with me, and let his dad go to work, he still said no.

Really, some people are really good as saying no.




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