Reading List Update

While I truly wish I could spend time jotting notes on points and lessons learnt from the books I read, I still fail to do so. But just so you know I am not behind in this thing, I am putting here my reading list (Err, what am I trying to prove, actually? :P)

1. Al Muhaddithat

2. Sustainability is for Everyone

3. Thinking in System: a Primer

4. Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China (Reread)

5. The World We Made

6. The Concept of Education in Islam

7. You are Your Child First Teacher

I am reading #6 and #7 while commuting to work and in discussion with my husband.

#3 is a recommendation from #2.

#4 is a favourite, I have been reading it at least twice before that thick book and picked it up again as a light reading during my medical leaves.

#5 is the latest book from my favourite sustainability icon with whom I am working pretty closely now. I even have the autographed copy of the book, specifically signed by the author for me!

Happy reading y’all!


This entry is part of my ‘Read-a-Book-a-Month’ attempt.



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