In His Bedroom

So we are almost there. My husband and I made it a goal to actually move Isa to his own bedroom by his second birthday (which is a month plus away). While that sounds like a simple task, it involved rearranging for storage of the then guest room into a toddler’s bedroom. The pre-requisites include reorganising our humble storeroom (a 3′ x 4′ at most) and making sure the study room will be a comfortable to be used as  a guest room as well.

If it comes to me, the idea of persuading a toddler who’d love to hang around his parents all the time to sleep in his own room involves making sure that he feels some sense of belonging to the room. That’s why I insisted on making sure that we have a proper wardrobe for Isa in that room and  move some of his favourite things into that room.

Last evening, we almost get it done. His wardrobe is up. The room is nearly cleared for unrelated items due to the re-organising activities.

And suddenly while I was giving my finishing touch of organising his clothes into the new wardrobe, without me inviting him, Isa started saying that he’d like to lie down on his bed and have milk.

That is an excellent cue, I thought and rushed to prepare his bottle.

His dad lied beside him, and I continued to pat his bottom. In no time he was asleep.

All praise be to God who made it easy!

I set the alarm at two in the morning to make sure I’d change his nappy (he is a heavy drinker at night I am yet to tackle this problem) to make sure that he doesn’t leak, and his dad woke up early this morning at 5.30 AM and checked on him.

He leaked, unfortunately, when he went to check, so tomorrow I’ll make sure I make another trip to his bedroom at 5 AM.

Overall he’s happy when he woke up this morning. And mommy too!

p.s. I am fighting the temptation to decorate his bedroom to my liking (with half of the ideas may not even be useful to Isa), but I have to stop at the basics. A few other things pending:

  • New pillowcases – to sew. Bought a few yards of pretty fabrics online, will have to make time for this project.
  • Install the self adhesive whiteboard – bought two rolls of 2 m long each on Groupon, yet to receive the items. Isa loves drawing on whiteboards in my office, thought he’d like this.
  • Get a set of colourful whiteboard marker

Useless things that need further review before executing:

  • New curtains … with children motives
  • Wall decals, maybe.




  1. My son is 19 months now and he still wakes up at least twice at night just to check that I am next to him. He just wont sleep without cuddling up to either me or ny husband. How will I ever get him to sleep in a separate room? How did u manage? What about toilet training? Is your son toilet trained?

  2. Hi Zehra,

    When we started this, my initial plan was to sleep in the same room (but not on the same bed) for the first few nights as suggested by some parents. As the toddler grows more comfortable sleeping alone, they say you can slowly spend more time in your bedroom.

    I was prepared for more interrupted nights particularly to check on him at least twice and to move between his room and my room, but we were just lucky that Isa took this transition well so I can skip the sleeping-together bit and just go to check on him several times.

    Isa won’t sleep without BOTH of us too, I have not work out on how to make him fall asleep on his own. And he is not yet potty-trained – thanks to his lazy mom!!

    Anyway, my mother told me that potty training and this sleep thingy really depends on the child himself – you can only do so much if he’s not ready.

    All the best Zehra!

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