My Sociable Son


Isa is now 22 months old – all praise be to the Creator and Protector.

While there was a very short phase where Isa cried whenever we sent him to the crèche, nowadays he seems to really enjoy going to that place.

One thing I notice is that Isa has an amazing memory – he seems to remember most of his friends’ names – if I were to count I know it will be more than ten names he usually mentions at home to me and his dad!

At first I thought it was because I also repeated the names at home – especially toddlers of the same age group, five of them in total. He also told me at least two names of those younger than him – I initially suspected that this could be because they were together in the baby room for a period of time that he kept hearing those names and remembers them.

But yesterday, when a preschooler – a boy whose name I didn’t know – ran in front of him, Isa said ‘Mommy, Man lari’ (i.e. Mommy, Man runs), I was puzzled. Is “Man” the name of the boy? I then asked the boy’s name, only to find out that the boy’s name is Iman.

I was surprised.

Like, wow.

Isa CAN actually remember his friends’ names correctly!

When I checked with his caregiver, she also agreed that Isa easily recalls the names of the kids in the crèche, both younger and older than him.

Allahumma – my heart keeps praying that such memory and inclination will last for a long, long time for him, because definitely, an effective dai’e (preacher of good things/agent of change) should have the capacity to remember names of people he met.


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