I realised that I sometimes have a huge tendency to follow authority.Obediently. I mean, so bad that to a point that I rarely ask questions, assume that there can be no exception made to the rules (that lead me to not even ask), and to follow directions that eventually have negative impacts on me.

I wonder where does that come from.

My parents always tell me that I am always a stubborn girl, but I mellowed down, to the point that they tend to tease me that I have lost my fang, once I got into my secondary school, which was a boarding school. 

I am pretty sure there were a lot of things during that (crucial) five years time that shaped me in this aspect. I have no time to dig about that yet, but wow. If this hypothesis is true, it should not come out as a surprise why I am yet to visit my Alma Mater after nearly 12 years leaving it.

Or why I have never missed any moments during those years.



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