Wearing Abaya : Funny Things People Said to Me

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After one and half year of wearing abaya only (well, 95% of the time) outside my house, I can only laugh at certain remarks I received.

From my mom: ” Do you want to try wearing maybe a dark blue abaya?” My answer was no, I am sticking to black. FYI, my mother doesn’t wear black, and wear ultra bright colours only – the kind my father loves.

From my dad: “ Is it okay wearing a black abaya in corporate office?” To which I answered, yes, no problem at all. If they can wear miniskirts, why can’t I wear an abaya?

From a colleague I rarely meet: “ You have given birth, haven’t you?”. This was just when Isa turned one, and when I last met her I was heavily pregnant.

From another colleague, also one I seldom meet: ” Are you pregnant again?” . This was 5 months post delivery.

From another male manager in my office, on the day the whole department when for bowling, where I wore a long shirt and pants – they are not black : ” Ah, why suddenly you look younger today? Usually you look like a mother.” This one came from the manager who when we first met told me I looked like a university student X-D

From a colleague I meet in the office everyday: “Are you really going to wear black everyday?“. Yeah, I am prepared for that. Maybe you should look at my wardrobe.

From Isa’s child minder: ‘Isa screamed ‘mommy’ when he saw, through the window, a woman walking in black dress.”

From my mother-in-law, when she saw me wearing non-black outfit once : “Oh, you are looking pretty today!”.

However, funnily, the female co-worker who sits next to me all these times, only recently noticed my all-black appearance – which is exactly what I expected in the first place.

Of course, on days I do not wearing abaya, I got heads turned – and of course more remarks: that I looked different, I looked more cheerful, I looked younger, that I am dressing up…

I’m pretty sure there were more funny things people say about it which I have forgotten. As much as I could not care less about their comments I try to take note, just because I want to share them with my husband later!

Of course, I do received comments on a more positive note. Many of my family members and friends love some of my abaya, and many asked where I bought them. I happily share.

I always stress, or maybe hint would be a better word, that the reason I choose to wear an abaya is more on the simplicity part of it, and how it makes my life more efficient, from not having to worry about matching my hijabs to my clothes, to the fact that that I can perform my daily prayers without having to wear additional garments.  It is never about me being more religious than the rest, or whatnot.

Meanwhile, until those around me are accustomed to what I wear and NOT wear, I’ll be ready for more funny remarks!


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