I Will Sleep On It


The favourite catchphrase of my big boss is ‘I’ll sleep on it first’, whenever he could not find a good solution to a problem posed to him.

I like the phrase.
I like it, and I apply it. Very frequently.

Especially when I am angry and upset with my husband.

You see, one of the oft-repeated marriage advice I have ever read or told is this: Forgive and forget everyone before you sleep.

And I confess here: I could not do it.
And having known how a good night sleep (or even day, but night works better so far) will miraculously erase whatever amount of anger I have in myself, I’ll choose this path.

The prophet Muhammad taught us that:  When one of you becomes angry while standing, he should sit down. If the anger leaves him, well and good; otherwise he should lie down.

It is true, at least for me.

It is amazing how I could not recall, 99% of the time, why and how I got angry in the first place when I wake up from the sleep. I do not know how it really works. It could be that most of my anger and upset stems from the fact that I was tired and hence easily get irritated by the tiniest thing, so a good rest cures. And the bonus to choosing this method is that it refrains me from saying hurtful words out of anger.

It’s true that in marriage, we need to learn how to fight and forgive like children do.

I see myself improving in this aspect, though. Our arguments are indeed getting much shorter after two years by marriage (somewhere around 5 minutes these days).Well, it could last longer than that all right, especially if I apply this ‘Sleep on it’ method – since sleeping as a part of anger management will never be shorter than 8 hours.




  1. you are so right. Thanks first of all for letting me know a hadith of the Prophet p.b.u.h. Yesterday this thing happened with me. I was soooo angry with my son and my husband has been living abroad for the past 6 months and I wanted to to call him up and fight and fight. But my fone’s battery went dead. And so I had to sleep. In the morning everything was fine! I’m going to do this consciously now. Thanks a lot!

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