Things We Do at Home (1)

I should have posted this long ago, but only now I get the chance to do so.

A peek on what we do on weekends (and weekdays too):

(Finger) Painting!

(Finger) Painting!

I introduced painting for the first time to Isa two weeks ago. At first he hesitated, and we both showed him what to do with the paint. The paint was home made by the way, using flour and water, added with food colouring. I used three different colours – red, yellow, and green, and produced a secondary colour, orange from by mixing the available colours.

Well, as you can see, as Isa mixed all the colours together, it became poop-like.

This activity however, did not last long – less than 30 minutes during the first session.

I have bought a set of cheap paint brushes, and I think using the brushes will remove the ‘eww’ factor, which has deterred Isa from having fun from my observation.

2013-12-11 21.56.34

Mega Blocks

Cheap Mega Block rocks! I got Isa his second set of (cheap) mega blocks so that we could construct huge structure together and I’d say that has added more fun to the activity. I love to see how his buildings get more complicated each time.

He loves, at this point in time, to build something with holes to peek through.

I note that he rarely plays with the mega block alone – he really needs a company to be able to enjoy this for a long time.

The bottle rack

The bottle rack

Isa would spend quite a long time playing this stuff, on his own. Because this is still very much a novelty, he would try setting up the bottle from parts (teat, bottle, teat-holder) and dissecting them and put them on the rack and gets very, very quiet for a long time.

Oh, how I love the concentration!

Ball game

Ball game

Boys will be boys. Does Isa love ball? Absolutely!

Either indoor or outdoor, he’d play. This photo was when we were at his grandparents’ place. I have made sure that our living room is at its optimal square feet in terms of the furniture arrangement to allow for Isa to play with his ball (often with his dad) indoor.

He’s quite good at kicking and ‘dribbling’ these days – that’s definitely a daddy’s boy, because I am really terrible at physical coordination.

2013-09-29 10.44.45-1


Pebble-sorting – I tried these months ago, and it only managed to keep him focused for less than 10 minutes, before it became dangerous. That was when he started throwing the pebbles. This is not something I have tried beyond the first time.

I actually bought the pebbles for decoration purpose, but they are yet to be used. Maybe someday we will do pebble painting. Should be fun, no?

Helpin mommy to clean the house

Helping mommy to clean the house

Definitely my favourite, because I can get two things done – clean the house AND offer Isa a new activity!

This one was when he helped me to clean our ‘balcony’ cum entrance to the house. He’s pretty diligent, you know.


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