The Dumb Moment

So yesterday I had to pick my husband’s up at his office. After I picked Isa up at the creche, we walked together to the car park. Next to the car park there was a demolition process going on.

And there was one heavy machinery working on demolishing the building (which was already a ruin by that time), with a loud voice. 

Isa, being fascinated with all forms of transportation now, noticed the sound and that machine.

‘Mama, mama.’, he called me (Yes, he is yet to call me ‘Mommy).

I turned to him, and he pointed to that machinery saying ‘Aa!’. 

Well, at that point I was about to open my mouth to teach him the name of that machine, but I just lost it. I don’t know the correct name.Was it a backhoe? Pretty sure backhoe is something different. Was it a crane? No, I don’t think so.

I felt really dumb when all I could reply to him this: ‘Yes, Isa, I saw it. Aa.’, as if to agree with the name he put.

Do today I found out that It is an excavator.


Excavator, you idiot. 

I better learn all the names of heavy equipments before I get into that dumb situation again.



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