The Classy Chocolate

I don’t particularly love chocolate. I do eat them occasionally, but won’t necessarily pick a bar while passing through the shelves in a supermarket.

My son too, seems not to love chocolate. Well, to be exact, he doesn’t seem to like (for the time being, now I am very careful about this) sweet things. Cakes, sweets, marshmallows or sweet cookies do not spark any interests in him, so far. No signs of sweet tooth.

A few weeks back my department organised a thank-you party for an event we organised. Each and everyone of us who worked and contributed to the event received chocolate as thank you gifts. It was not any ordinary chocolate (to my standard), it was a RM45-a-box Royce Nama Chocolate.

With me being me, I kept the chocolate (which is so special it has to be kept cool using dry ice, duh) in my fridge for two weeks before tasting it.

And well, I have to admit that I like it when I finally got to eat it

To my surprise, Isa makes an exception and chooses to like it too, eating at least four pieces of them in one seating.

Now talk about high taste. And class. What kind of child am I bringing up here?


A Classy Chocolate not so classily eaten. That’s him enjoying chocolate AND chicken at the same time.


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