Of Cosmetics and Skincare

I secretly love browsing drug store and cosmetics shop shelves looking at those skincare and cosmetic products that claim to deliver miraculous results, promising to transform one self into beauty queen with perfect skin and great aura.

Once in a while, I fell into the trap of buying some of these products, only to regret it later. How could I, one who terribly lack self discipline, can ever religiously apply those toner, cleanser, masker, lipstick, blusher, eye shadow, or in fact even a simple chapstick everyday? Or maybe twice a day?

Regardless of that, I do have a set of skincare products and cosmetics I stick to, for no other reason than to satisfy myself that I’ve done something about it. When I was single, I have little motivation when it comes to skincare (luckily I am bless with less than problematic skin) and applying make-ups. But now that I am married, little by little I am injected with some drive to beautify myself. Most of my cosmetic purchase can be justified by ‘I am doing this to please my husband and hence God, by appearing presentable and nice.’ Though my husband has explicitly told me that he doesn’t observe much difference in beauty with or without makeups (not because of how I apply them, it means, just generally, he thinks make-ups don’t make anyone prettier), I just do it to show that ‘there you go, I’ve made some effort!’

To be honest, apart from the inconsistencies in my skincare practices, I am also very, very inconsistent when it comes to principles I used to purchase these products.

When I am in a frugal mood, and feeling very much anti-consumerism, I’d go for natural skincare, homemade at that even. Only a few months back I bought some essential oil products, and even managed to make my own moisturizing oil out of those! At that time I was very proud of sticking to natural products and save lots of money out of that.

When I am in ‘because-I’m-worth-it’ mood, I begged my husband for high-end products, reasoning that it is a good investment – after all I want to stay looking young for him, not anyone else! So yes, I have some SK-II products in my bathroom shelf out of that excuse. And really, despite my husband being frugal he’s pretty okay with me spending on this. I really wonder why!

Or when I am really out of money (that I am willing to spend for this purpose), instead of going for quality, I go for whatever I can afford at that time (and of course, I regret it later).

Just when I thought buying expensive products would force me to use them as prescribed, I do not. Still don’t.

So for the time being, here’s a list of products I used. A mix-and-match of everything.

  1. Biore facial cleanser – cheap supermarket product.
  2. SK-II toner. Or whatever specific name they have.
  3. That SK-II ‘miracle water’.
  4. Homemade moisturising oil – a mix of jojoba oil as base, added with eucalyptus and frankincense oil.
  5. Silkygirl BB foundation. Cheap, and I am happy.
  6. Avon mineral powder.
  7. Avon mineral blusher.
  8. Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 eye shadow set – A gift from husband, surprisingly, only after one request. He even went to buy it himself!
  9. Bare Mineral lipstick. I only stick to one lipstick at one time I am that boring, plus I rarely even bother to re-apply. Bought on impulse, because I was upset with husband –  ‘I was angry with you for keeping me waiting so I bought myself a sixty ringgit lipstick’ – that kind of thing.
  10. Body Shop pencil eye liner
  11. Neutrogena  sun lotion. Which is very light I don’t know if it  really works.
  12. Olay eye corrector? Or something like that.


I am not sure if the current practice (or lack of for that matter) will make me ugly and old before time, but help me Lord, this is the best I could do. Looking forward, I am thinking of expanding the use of natural products in my nearly non-existing skincare and beauty regime.  That may include:

  1. Oil cleansing
  2. Home made face lotion cum moisturiser. I finally found a Malaysian site selling beeswax! Hurray!
  3. Never replenish the SK-II products. Okay, I am still guilty of browsing for discounted SK-II products online, but I have not make up my mind about that.
  4. Home made maskers
  5. Home made exfoliator

I don’t think I can make my own makeups, so until I could stop myself from admiring those beautiful colours people put on their faces, maybe I still need to buy them.

Oh, wait. I already lost my  Sephora card for the second time. Blergh.

It is hard being a woman, you know.


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