New Year is for New Resolutions!

So while I was sitting in a seminar last week, unable to think and digest anymore, I suddenly remembered that we are already in December! January is coming path, and the little resolutioner in me keeps bugging for new list of things to do… as I always do.

So there come the draft. WhileImage 

Books to read, new activities with Isa, spritual development, learning development, homemaking perfection, health and fitness… I got fired up instantly and told myself I should start the trial run NOW. 

Then I browsed for Iphone apps that could assist in keeping track. I finally downloaded Traxitall – which is so far very helpful. 

I have finished detailing the resolutions, and even taking it one step further by announcing them to the ever critical, cum half-pessimist husband – whose only response was: ‘That’s quite a lot. Can you really do it?‘ that’s pretty much expected from him – as you can read here.

So yes, after a week practising on the list, I think I am doing pretty well, all thanks and praise to God, and of course, the hubster who despite the response above, has been very supportive.

I probably will post the list, well, in the New Year (if I am still alive that is).

Till then, happy making resolutions guys!



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