Happiness is Contagious

Living with a toddler gives you amazement and amusement, both on daily basis.

 The other day I learnt, again

  • that a child happiness is very much affected by his parents’ happiness
  • That a child has a possibly inherent protectiveness towards his loved ones

 Case 1

My husband and I were teasing each other, albeit harshly during our car ride home. Isa was at the back witnessing what seems like his father slapping me. We were surprised to see him screaming at us for that – he was clearly upset with what he saw – and one question popped out: Why? Is it the protectiveness towards me as his mom, or what?

So we told him we were just teasing each other , and let him see both us ‘making up’. When he smiled, we knew he’s happy with what he saw.

Case 2

Sometimes when Isa started to throw tantrum, the only thing we could do to distract him from crying and screaming is, weirdly, hugging and cuddling each other. He will normally want to join the company.

 At certain times, when it goes to the extreme, where hugging and cuddling don’t work, I’ll jump on my husband’s back and let him carry me around. Isa will almost immediately start laughing at that sight of me being carried on his favourite person’s back, and follow us around.

 My suspicion is that he loves to see us happy, that he will ignore whatever that upset him earlier.

Happiness is indeed contagious.


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