Of Stars and Sun

Isa currently is having an obsession with stars.

I am not sure if he knows what a star is in real life (our skyline is not very clear for him to see stars at night), but he can recognise the five-point shape quite easily – on books, shirts, and bed sheets alike. He has been asking us to repeat the nursery rhyme ‘twinkle twinkle little stars’ over and over again while he moves to it, and draw him like thousands of stars.

So yesterday morning he woke up to a morning son, looked through our bedroom window blind and pointed it out loud : ‘Star!’. I corrected him saying that it is the sun, not a star, to which my husband said : ‘It is technically a star, so Isa is correct.’

I was like, meh. He is only one year old. No point in stressing to be technically correct.




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