Unfriending, unliking and unfollowing

I came across an article discussing the effect of social media to shopping. Do social media make us shop more?

It is a definite yes for me. Ever since I have become a mother (and married, to a certain extent), I have to say going shopping is not much of a leisurely thing to do. Window shopping is almost non-existent. I really doubt any mother with a toddler would think that going to a shopping mall is an enjoyable experience all the time. Add a very reluctant, frugal husband into the equation, it is a bit of a challenge.

But of course that doesn’t deter me from shopping. My closet is still seeing an increase in its treasure, and my house is still getting more and more stuff

That is because we have (thank God) online shopping – now not only limited to shopping website, but also Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which operate on the basis of push technology.

As for me,I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with Pinterest (with a limited activity level). Twitter is not much of a problem, and I have only been a follower to a small group of people on Instagram, so I would say these two are not guilty. But Facebook…it is really a culprit.

In Malaysia, I have noticed that for the kind of clothing (abaya and hijabs, as well as other Islamic clothings) I am interested in, the sellers don’t normally have active shopping websites. They have a constantly-updated Facebook pages instead. That is the reason why when I was looking for abayas (which is typically for a short time frame) I would add (and search) a number of abaya-selling pages.

While I appreciate the posts about their products appearing on my news feed when I am really looking for one, they really arouse the temptation to shop when I am not intending too.

It is really harmful.

So I reckon, unfriending, unliking or unfollowing them would be the right move.

At least for the time being.

So yesterday I took the effort to choose the option of ‘Hide All from Users’ for all abaya and hijab sellers that I have liked their pages or befriend. I have ‘unfollowed’ one seller on Instagram and ‘unlike’ a number of retail pages.

Does it help?

So far so good. No nice clothes appearing on my feed, except for those sponsored ones which I can’t run away from unless I deactivate my Facebook account which is not an option.

The work is still in progress on unsubscribing to various online shopping portal email newsletter.

p.s. On the other hand, I have also ‘unfriend’ a bunch of people on Facebook. Nothing personal, it is just that I am doing a bit of housekeeping. I’d like to limit my friends list to those I know well. The effect of doing it is very good in fact – I spend less time scrolling down reading the news feed. Less time trying to pry into other’s life.  Good for me!



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