Stop Shopping, Start Saving (More)

ImageI have mentioned long before here, that I was on abaya-shopping hiatus until June 2013. Well, I have to say I did make it. Unfortunately, from June 2013 up to now, I have five new abayas in my closet. Five. Luckily, after that five I have no desire for a new abaya now – but dear God, help me – I am still craving for some new hijabs! 

Yesterday I received my yearly bonus letter. As shameful as it is, I have to admit that I was really looking forward to this one. The reason is that we (my husband and I) have a huge financial target to meet by mid next year.

Though every one knows that since the commodity price was low last year we should expect less of a bonus this year – it is still quite disappointing to see the figures. Can’t say that I am not. While before I thought that receiving this bonus will significantly help us to achieve that target, now it hits me real hard that hey, something really needs to be done! 

For me this target is not just a target – it affects my life significantly as I have somehow charted and planned my life around this. Not that I am rigid that way, but I really, really desire this I know I must work hard at making sure it happens.

And that includes doing what is called ‘properly saving and frugally spending’.

While we are both saving 20% of our household monthly income, I need to make sure that fund is not tapped at any point (God’s willing)  in the next 9 months – which some times happened in the past because of our ad hoc travelling (mostly suggested by me), huge spending on household items and Isa’s clothes (also suggested by me, mostly for my own convenience, but Isa is growing up it’s no excuse). 

Well, I guess now that I can picture my future disappointment of not achieving that goal, I have drawn a basic action plan (I’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t need this, he’s allergic to the word ‘buying’ itself:

1. No new abaya. No new hijab;

2. Prepare home-cooked meals as frequent as I can – that entails perhaps waking up much earlier to prepare them;

3. On Food: Waste not, want not. Start with inventorying my pantry to make sure that we don’t have expired items unconsumed, or buying too much;

4. Start to religiously record my spending – well, I have not passed this basic step mind you;

5. Stop buying expensive gifts – not that I do very frequently but I am generous that way some times;

6. No more expensive skincare and cosmetics for the time being. Stick with what I have now, pretty sure they will last until June next year 😛 

I think that’s it for now. 

Phew!! My husband must be so proud to see me all geared up like this. Hahaha.


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