My C25K Week 1 Summary

Day 1 Week 1 (9 Sept 2013)

Went running for the first time. On a treadmill, also the first time. Thought that I could use my downloaded apps – but apparently it was deleted by – guess who – my son Isa. Accidentally of course. So I tried running-brisk walking intervals at my own pace. I think mostly I am underestimating myself. My heart rate did not escalate much (mind you I have a pretty low heart rate) – so next time I’m going to try running and walking at higher speed.

I ran 22:46 minutes, 2.01 km – no inclination.

Day 2 Week 1 (11 Sept 2013)

I feel girly already. Thank you.

Another day. Used the re-downloaded apps, managed to run 30 minutes (as suggested by c25k) and for a longer distance of nearly 2.5km. Briskwalking speed at 5.5-6 km/h, running at 7km/h with zero inclination. My 10-year-old Nike shoes were torn, asked husband to buy me a new, cheaper pair from Bata shop at his workplace, but he said he didn’t have the time.

Went back home to a new girlish pinkish pair – he made an additional trip to the shoe shop before going home, I’m so touched!

By the way, I already feel the change – I am no more having sore back – you know, all the aching that previously won’t go away even with some good, one-hour professional massage. But my legs need a bit more time to acclimate to this change, but they are doing well. Husband is not complaining either for having to rub them nightly.

Day 3 Week 1 (13 Sept 2013)

The gym was practically empty when I came so I had no urge to rush. For the past two sessions I wanted to secure the treadmill in the Ladies Section of the Gym (I’d like to run with hijab off) – changed to my gym attire and started running.

Completed 30 minutes, distance 2.55km.with 1.5% inclination. Briskwalking speed 5km/h, jogging speed 7-8km/h. I think 8km/h worked well for me on this first week – given that I only have to run for 1 minute straight.

Feel really good – though I confess I am pretty breathless at the end of that 30 minutes.

One nice poster in my office gym.

One nice poster in my office gym,




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