His First Official Haircut

Isa had his first official haircut nearly two months ago. No trips to any hairdresser, because his dad made the effort to annoy me… no, actually to cut his hair short.

Ever since we had the ceremonious shaving of his hair on the seventh day of his birth, his hair has grown healthily, despite in patches for the first few months.

This is cute, for mommy at least.
This is cute, for mommy at least.

So when he was exactly 13 months old, his father decided to cut it short. Actually I was the one who kept urging him to shorten some parts of his hair e.g. those near his ears, his bang, and at his nape thinking that he had such beautiful, straight hair, why should not we keep it that way.

It never cross my mind that my husband would shave his son’s hair again! My husband knew that I will not approve having Isa’s head shaved again, so he picked the right time to do it against my will – while I was in shower.

So when I found him with his father in the other bathroom, he was already half-bald, and the only thing I can say was ‘How could you do that to Isa?’ over and over again. The silly, emotional mother in me was nearly crying (yeah, I know) like he hair won’t grow again.

So from this beautiful lock of hair it goes to this.

2013-06-17 18.14.06
Ayah did this and mommy was not happy!

2013-06-17 13.51.04 2013-06-17 18.16.04

Well, short hair is definitely what I wanted, but not a style that makes my son looks like a REALLY naughty boy!

Apparently my husband had a different idea along this line when I told him Isa looked like one : A naughty boy with long (unkempt) hair looks like a child that has irresponsible parents, while a naughty boy with a shaved head is otherwise.

I don’t understand the logic behind that but after two months, I’m glad his hair is back to its ‘normal’ state.

This is normal by mommy's definition.
This is normal by mommy’s definition.

Mommy is happy…until the next round. *sigh*


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