Entertaining for Eid

We are still in Eid mood after nearly a month. As we have been traveling all weekends post-Eid, we only had the chance to actually host some guests last weekend.I love entertaining, however, I am very much appalled to the idea of hosting an Open House Eid party. I’d rather have guests coming over on several weekends – an open house Eid Party (typically with lots of guests)  means that it would be mostly about food rather than connecting as  your hands will be too full. The last thing I’d like to happen is to only manage to say hi, ask several superficial questions to my guests.

So when several of my husband’s non-Muslim colleagues asked if they could come over, I was more than happy to cook for the Eid lunch party. We took the chance to invite my husband’s ex-housemate (from his bachelor days) over – we are married already for two years and yet he has never been to our place!

My husband advised me earlier to just make it simple and do get all stress out for this, but I love entertaining I could not help… until the last moments when I was pressed with time and had to ditch making a full-on dessert.

Again for the record, here is a list of what I served on that day. I made a point to make sure that the food was truly traditional Malay food, since I guess my husband’s Chinese and Indian friends would expect some thing else other that Chinese Chicken Rice or Indian Biryani.

Main course:

  1. Nasi minyak (loosely-translated as Oily Rice; basically rice cooked with ghee)
  2. Rendang Ayam (Chicken rendang)
  3. Dendeng Daging (Beef dendeng)


  1. Mixed fruit Cocktail
  2. Eid cookies


  1. Sweet Lime juice

My husband thinks that despite it being my first time making all main course dishes, they turned out pretty well, all Praise be to Him.

And since I know that there will be more lunch parties, dinner parties, open houses and other ‘makan-makan’ in the future, I made this Party Planning Sheet (somehow the try-to-be creative side of me kicked in), complete with the cleaning to-do list – hoping that my husband won’t have to ask me again next time!

Party Planning Sheet

Download Party Planning Sheet

By the way, all the recipes for this party were taken from the recipe book my mom swears by – 1 Hari 1 Resipi: 365 Resipi Istimewa Chef Hanieliza (A Recipe A Day: 365 Chef Hanieliza’s Special Recipes) – which provides recipes for a lot of traditional Malaysian dishes that are simple enough for a beginner like me to follow.

And I guess I too am joining the bandwagon of Chef Hanieliza’s fan – how else would I be able to make a decent Chicken Rendang?


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