Look What Suits Has Done to Me

We subscribe to a cable TV. I also pay for some channels which I know would play my favourite shows – Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl and Suits. But being parents who are trying to limit our son’s exposure to TV means that we don’t get to follow the series religiously. Other than HIMYM and New Girl which used to be aired on Mondays, I just could not remember exact show times for the rest.

We get to watch those series on-demand these days, with our brothers and sister supplying us with the recorded versions.

And during the last long weekend we had, I got to finish Suits Season 2.


It was entertaining, but I do not particularly like what it did to me.

Watching suits give the similar effect to watching Dr Yang in Grey’s Anatomy – It brings back the ‘workaholic’ side of me, the side my best friend always dub as the ‘over achiever’ me. The part which I have long left behind in exchange for a balanced and contented married life – a more meaningful life valuing those that actually matter.

But looking at those characters being aggressive, and focused (and not to mention, only found meaning and definition of themselves through their professional jobs) I could not say I was not impacted – I can’t deny the fact that the next day I left my flats for a pair of 2-inch heels I have abandoned for years, put an effort to be made up, and went to work hungry for accomplishment. And quietly put another target – another promotion in two years time.

You see, I received a long-due promotion earlier last month (my immediate superior has recommended me for that since last year, only to be put on hold but the head who seemed to believe that one needs to be in a position for at least 5 years before being promoted – which year is he actually living?) – and I didn’t feel at all excited though I tried to. It’s a recognition, alongside the monetary rewards that come with it but it’s all work. I have taught myself that it’s not how God sees me.

But after watching Suits (and on a less regular basis, the ever-focused Dr Yang) I thought maybeI should go back to reciting this mantra at work: “Work for this life as if you are living forever and the Hereafter as if you will die tomorrow.”

But I just found out that it is a weak hadith, so maybe I should not watch Suits Season 3.



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