Healthy Food Challenge 2

Day 5: Roasted Blackpepper Chicken, Potato Wedges, Zucchini & Tomato Salad, and Coleslaw


So I have skipped two days of home-cooking. On the third day I had severe migraine, and on the fourth day we went to visit my parents so we had pretty unhealthy (but tasty, of course) mom’s food over there.

On day 5 I decided to go western, no rice as per typical Asian meal. I substituted it with potato wedges – fasting for 12 hours means you can’t skip on carbo.

Recipe source: Own. For Chicken I use oyster sauce, black pepper, a bit of sugar, a bit of lemon juice, black pepper sauce. for Coleslaw I used the simplest one: Cabbage, carrot, mayonnaise. for the potato wedges: Olive oil, salt, some dried herbs. Salad: Zucchini & Tomato, with lemon juice.

Verdict: Husband loves it. He basically  loves anything with black pepper in it.

Repeatable in Future ?: Oh yeah.

Ease: Medium. Best to marinate the chicken much earlier, but as I decided on the menu when I was at work I only had the chicken marinated for 1.5 hours only. Coleslaw, salad and wedges are more than easy to make.


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