His First Night Away

It was on Thursday when we went to visit parents who were in my sister’s place. We had iftar (break-fast) together that evening. Since the next day was Friday, and my parents planned to visit us on Friday evening I thought I could leave Isa to spend a night over there – I knew he would love it with his cousin there, both my sister and brother, as well as the ever pampering grandparents. And I was correct about that.

Earlier before the iftar he was already having a great time playing – particularly climbing up the stairs – we don’t have stairs in our apartment, so you can understand how novel this activity is to him – and laughing at his cousin’s (6 years old) acts.

Then he fell asleep, which was when we decided we could leave him there. He doesn’t normally wake up if he is already asleep around 8-9pm.
At least I could spare him from having to wake up early tomorrow, and the horrible 45-minute journey to the creche that was my thought.

So we left him at my sister’s place, thinking that he is going to be awake tomorrow morning.

We were wrong. After 15 minutes we left the place, he woke up, and NOT looking for us. AT ALL. He didn’t want to sleep (though my sister swore she tried to make him to), and continued playing, until 1 am, when he tripped, fell down, cried, given bottle, and suddenly fell asleep.

So the next day when I was at work I could not help but calling my mother just to check out on him, only to find out that he’s busy playing (again), refused to nap but a little, and didn’t seem to miss us parents. No tears whatsoever.

Well, I could feel rejected if I want to, but I think did a good job raising a pretty much confident and independent child.



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