Ramadhan Note Day 13: Be right or be kind?


I have an ego the size of a mountain. It is a constant struggle to overcome and tame it. The worst thing about having huge ego is that I’ll be blinded and unable to see the truth.

Yesterday I told my husband on certain things I have been feeling, with regards to my in-laws. It’s not much a problem, it is just a matter of how I deal with it really – but to not respond on certain things they say is hard for me.

My husband calmed me down.

“You see, the trick with the elderly is to just listen to whatever they say. Respond with whatever you think they want to hear. Sometimes they don’t even know what they are saying, and all you have to do is say things that make them happy. Whether you do what they think you should do or not, that’s another story.’

“I can’t. I have the urge to respond to whatever they say that I think is wrong,” I told him.” I know that being kind is more important than being right, but it is hard.”

“If you feel that being right is more important than being kind, then you have to say the right things, and the right thing to say is whatever that makes them happy.”




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