Dads are for playing… AND sleeping

Your baby’s main job is to learn by playing and exploring, and she often picks dad for the task. It starts right after birth when your little bundle of joy notices that he looks, smells and sounds different than you. She won’t know what to think of him right off, which is why she stares at him. As the weeks go by, your baby will learn that you are protective and calming, while dad is more playful, physical, and often surprising. You will pick her up when she is fussy, and dad will more likely tickle her or lift her into the air. When she hears her father’s voice, she’s likely to raise her shoulders and eyebrows, or begin kicking her legs, in an invitation to have fun.

Her father, perhaps due in part to maturity issues, is naturally designed to be her perfect playmate. Tickling, flight lessons, peek-a-boo and wrestling all come naturally.  Playing is also bonding at its finest. Dads elicit radiant smiles and infectious belly laughs, sometimes with just a wink. And finally, playing teaches her how to laugh and take risks, develops her motor skills and speeds the development of her brain and nervous system. It’s a dirty job, crawling on the floor, barking like a dog chasing her around, and its dad’s job.

-You don’t want assistant mother

That is absolutely true, I have always knew it observing how easy Isa would laugh at his father’s slightest movement.

But I didn’t know that he also needs the father badly – to sleep.

My husband woke up for early morning prayer last Saturday when Isa was awaken too. A few minutes later I found him crawling to his ayah who has finished with his prayers, sat on his lap, and fell asleep.


First position. Ayah fell asleep too. Sitting.


Adjusted position 1


Adjusted position 2 (Excuse the background). Ayah finally surrendered

My husband maintained the final adjusted position for an hour or so – with both of them sleeping while I had the glorious opportunity of having the bed to myself!

I guess Isa just missed his dad so much – his dad missed his bedtime 3 days in a row.


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