Little Things that Encourage

Little Things that Encourage

I received this card cum bookmark (so I thought) the other day from Isa’s creche. It was a simple gesture that makes me think.

The administrator of the creche wrote an email to us parents a while ago applauding the parents turn-up rate of the previous parents-teacher one-to-one meeting – it was 100%. At first I thought, why so much noise about it? In my mind, it is just natural for parents to go and meet the caregivers and discuss about their children’s development, and full attendance is something normal. Expected.

Then I heard stories about parent (who sent children to the same creche) who just could not bring herself to meet the caregivers in sessions like this. That’s why 100% turn-up rate deserves a little souvenir like this.

The creche is trying to do its level best to provide the best care for the children, and I could not be any more grateful than that.

That is why next time when we are having another one-to-one session, I will definitely drag my husband to come along as well, just like last time!


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