How I Celebrate Mothers’ Day

Well, I did not.

On me celebrating, I planned on buying beautiful prayer suits embellished with French lace I found online for both my mother and my mother-in-law, but I did not manage to. I guess, that can be done later, perhaps in the spirit of welcoming Ramadhan (which is less than 2 months away!).

On me being celebrated: My husband casually asked Isa (as if he’d understand) to wish me a happy mothers’ day.

The truth is I was down with fever and flu since last week and the whole week has been pretty horrible. On Saturday my in-laws went out to celebrate Mothers’ day at a Middle Eastern restaurant (the type of food I am so fond of), but I just could not bring myself to go out – you know, preparing for Isa’s stuff is itself a headache.

So on Sunday the Mothers’ day I was just lying down, trying to do nothing as much as possible hoping that Monday won’t be as hell.

So that’s how I celebrate my first mothers’ day ever. Exciting huh?

And for the hiatus you might have observed in this blog – where I don’t even manage to upload a photo for the past few days – is because I was sick and had to take leaves, busy catching up with the deadline to apply for a scholarship for my MSc, and yes – we were both busy refining our plan and choice of a car to purchase.


This is our first car bought together, and while it is a milestone, it doesn’t help anything but reducing our net worth! We both own a car each  before we got married, but they are our parents’-loaned. We are returning his car back, and will keep my old car as a second car (which is really stupid, but still necessary for the time being).

Going to be in more debt, we are carefully choosing the car to buy and finalising our choice, so yeah, that makes me a bit busy, in addition to Isa being unwell too.

I am gonna stop whining now, but I have to say: What a life.


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