Day 9: The Waiting Game


Sometimes I feel like I have developed a new kind of paranoia. I end my working day at 5.30pm, and pick Isa up with one thing constantly in my mind: At what time will we reach home today? My husband is bogged down with work these days, though I know he is trying his level best to get away from office as soon as he can.

It’s a waiting game for us both.

Yesterday my husband could not get out of his office at 6 as he promised (in fact, he was still in a meeting room at 8.15pm!), so I had another mother and son time at Suria KLCC. It was not until close to 8.30pm that my husband finally came to us, and Isa screamed (as usual) happily at the sight of his father.

So yes, this is the end of another waiting game for him.
And for me, I got myself a lipstick – if that ever consoles the fact that there is always another waiting game tomorrow.


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