Month: May 2013

Now where’s my gym shoes?

I am here to report that Isa has taken his first few steps yesterday! Alhamdulillah – all Praise be to God the Creator.

He has been squatting and stooping earlier this month, started standing up on his own (without pulling on furniture or us parents) on Monday this week, and within two days he has progress to making his first few steps – and very diligently and persistent at that!

So now mommy needs to prepare herself to chase her son around – it would not be long before he’s running all over the place.

p.s. No photo yet, the video is in my MIL’s mobile. Ah, I am so happy!




We just had our yearly performance review session. The financial year started at the same time when I just came back for maternity leave, and the review came exactly when I was one year into motherhood.

Did I fare well?

I rate myself low this year. I just feel that I have not poured all my energy. Last year my superior rated me excellent (that’s the best rating anyone could ever get) despite me taking time off now and then being heavily pregnant and all.

This year my boss gave me one rating lower. Was I happy? I was and still am. I told him even at the beginning of our discussion on how I felt about my performance.

And my boss, being the ever understanding man he was said this:

” Well, I don’t think in terms of deliverables you did any less than before. It’s just that you are a new mother, I understand that you are juggling and some times distracted with your son being sick. And I am not going to penalise you for that.’


That’s the word.

And now I blame the multi tasking brain of mine for that.


The Leisurely Lunch Affair

We have been married for almost two years, and we had never hosted any lunch/dinner party except for once where we invited some of my close work colleagues for lunch – all three couples of them. So as Isa reached his one-year-old milestone a week ago, and housewarming was oft-requested – I proposed the idea of hosting a small lunch party for our family and close friends. My husband bought the idea.

It was not fancy – I didn’t even mention it to others while inviting that it was for Isa’s birthday, or as a housewarming party. I just said it was a typical ‘makan-makan’ by Malaysian standard.

The menu for the day (for my record) is as follows:

  1. Mendy chicken rice (Middle Eastern food) -ordered from a nearby restaurant
  2. Baklava (Middle Eastern traditional sweet) – also ordered from the same restaurant
  3. Bread pudding with chocolate and vanilla sauce – homemade
  4. Fruit cocktail – homemade
  5. Guava juice
  6. Hot drinks
  7. Mineral water

I also attempted to make cupcakes – but as ‘skillful’ as I am, it failed. So no cupcakes for that day – I told you it was not a birthday party of any sort.

We invited both sides of our family – all my three siblings were around so it was quite a lively meeting that afternoon. On my husband’s side, Isa’s grandparents did come as well as his aunt and uncle. My best friend and her plus one also come, as did one of my husband’s colleague.

It was the start of school holiday, so many could not make it. Nevertheless, I invited just as many as I could warmly entertained there’s nothing worst than inviting someone you have not seen for quite some times and could not even have a decent conversation (or even gossiping if time permits) with them.

Didn’t manage to snap photos except for these:




Well I do think, despite a small party, that Isa was having a blast, because he woke up late the next day, and napped longer than usual – surely out of exhaustion of being the centre of attention!

How I Celebrate Mothers’ Day

Well, I did not.

On me celebrating, I planned on buying beautiful prayer suits embellished with French lace I found online for both my mother and my mother-in-law, but I did not manage to. I guess, that can be done later, perhaps in the spirit of welcoming Ramadhan (which is less than 2 months away!).

On me being celebrated: My husband casually asked Isa (as if he’d understand) to wish me a happy mothers’ day.

The truth is I was down with fever and flu since last week and the whole week has been pretty horrible. On Saturday my in-laws went out to celebrate Mothers’ day at a Middle Eastern restaurant (the type of food I am so fond of), but I just could not bring myself to go out – you know, preparing for Isa’s stuff is itself a headache.

So on Sunday the Mothers’ day I was just lying down, trying to do nothing as much as possible hoping that Monday won’t be as hell.

So that’s how I celebrate my first mothers’ day ever. Exciting huh?

And for the hiatus you might have observed in this blog – where I don’t even manage to upload a photo for the past few days – is because I was sick and had to take leaves, busy catching up with the deadline to apply for a scholarship for my MSc, and yes – we were both busy refining our plan and choice of a car to purchase.


This is our first car bought together, and while it is a milestone, it doesn’t help anything but reducing our net worth! We both own a car each¬† before we got married, but they are our parents’-loaned. We are returning his car back, and will keep my old car as a second car (which is really stupid, but still necessary for the time being).

Going to be in more debt, we are carefully choosing the car to buy and finalising our choice, so yeah, that makes me a bit busy, in addition to Isa being unwell too.

I am gonna stop whining now, but I have to say: What a life.

Day 9: The Waiting Game


Sometimes I feel like I have developed a new kind of paranoia. I end my working day at 5.30pm, and pick Isa up with one thing constantly in my mind: At what time will we reach home today? My husband is bogged down with work these days, though I know he is trying his level best to get away from office as soon as he can.

It’s a waiting game for us both.

Yesterday my husband could not get out of his office at 6 as he promised (in fact, he was still in a meeting room at 8.15pm!), so I had another mother and son time at Suria KLCC. It was not until close to 8.30pm that my husband finally came to us, and Isa screamed (as usual) happily at the sight of his father.

So yes, this is the end of another waiting game for him.
And for me, I got myself a lipstick – if that ever consoles the fact that there is always another waiting game tomorrow.

The Dream

The other day I dreamt of something, that stuck to my mind. That is rare.

In my dream, I gave birth to a baby girl, whom I named Safwa (with this exact spelling). I told my husband of my dream, and he asked me what Safwa means. I looked up and found that ‘Safwa’ means ‘the choicest’ or ‘the best’ in Arabic.

I made it clear that I don’t take it as a sign that we should try for the next one. Perhaps the dream and the name itself came since I have thought too much about our plan to go for Hajj (and hence the ritual of sa’i i.e. running or walking seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwah).


But isn’t Safwa a good name?