Say ‘No’ to Pasta

I’ve tried feeding Isa with pasta before when he was 5 months old, inspired by Annabel Karmel’s suggested recipe. Isa loved it, as I have written before, but had a hard time passing stool the day after. However, at that time I could not confirm that it was due to the pasta, since he was also starting on combined feeding – where I fed him a few bottles of formula.

So on Friday last week, as I was preparing tuna bolognese, I thought maybe I could set aside some for Isa – and have his portion blended. After all Isa is already 11 months old.

And again, Isa was constipated – he didn’t have his usual morning call for both Saturday and Sunday. Dush! Mommy should have taken heed of the previous occurrence, I know – and we had to have prune juice came to his rescue. He had one ounce of prune juice diluted in one ounce of plain water and within two hours all was out! Praise be to God.

So here’s a note for me: Pasta causes constipation for Isa. No more experiment. Full stop.


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