From a cradle…


Among many things that both my husband and I agreed as parents is that we won’t be using a cradle for Isa. My husband is very persistent with his stand of not using it, while I almost stumbled during my confinement period when putting Isa too sleep proved to be too challenging. His reason is so that Isa won’t be dependent on it that he could not sleep without it.


My mother who helped me taking care of Isa during the early days has hinted, quite frequently, about how Isa will sleep better if we are using a cradle (FYI, my baby rarely naps during the day, even until now), but respected our choice as his parents and kept the cradle away.

A few weeks back when we were visiting my parents’ old friends, we saw a traditional cradle hung to the ceiling and thinking that it could be fun, we put Isa into it – and look at his expression!20130412-120055.jpg


He remained in that position – stunned, and in silence – for a few seconds before screaming his lung out asking to be taken out.

Clearly, he has been trained well that something as comfortable as being rocked in a cradle feels annoying to him.


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