My First “Parents-Teacher” Meeting

Isa’s creche organised a one-to-one parents-teacher discussion every quarter, and the second one held while Isa is sent there (I skipped the first one) early in March.

I booked the session on a Friday, and as my husband was on his study leave, I convinced him to come as well – “Hey, that’s part of being responsible parents!”.

Isa’s assigned babysitters (two of them) had the discussion with us, and here are some notes on Isa:

  1. He doesn’t nap much during the day only once or twice, mostly half an hour only.
  2. He loves to smile and laugh.He warms up to people easily.
  3. He love to eat and eats a lot. Like really a lot. And he’s not a picky-eater.
  4. His development milestones, as observed by the babysitters, are well met on time.
  5. He doesn’t like to be put in the walker, but loves to hold on to it when someone else’s in it.
  6. He likes the cleaner/janitor who cleans the baby room, and would be the only one crying when she left.
  7. He will be at the baby room’s door at 5.30pm – waiting for me perhaps. And he’ll cry when someone’s leaving the room. So the babysitter said : Mommy should come and pick him up on time, he knows it’s time to leave!
  8. He plays well with other kids, would only scream if someone’s taking a toy of his hands.
  9. He climbs over other babies – supposedly those who are yet mobile. Like he always do with us the parents. This is worrying!
  10. He is frequently down with fever and cold.

Isa busy moving around while we were having our conversation with the childminders.

That’s from the top of my mind. Should have taken a notebook with me to jot down all the comments.

By the way, just the thought of having to attend a parents-teacher meeting makes me feel old.


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