Necessity Breeds Attempt

Have I told you that Isa can actually crawl with his tummy off the floor? We knew that he has the ability to do so a few weeks back, but we suspect that he still continues to creepy-crawl because it is just plain faster that way.

However, yesterday he managed to crawl (tummy off the ground) for a few metres looking for me!


He just had to. I took his clothes off before that because he was all sweaty and I was trying to put him to sleep. After half an hour attempting, I gave up. He kept moving here and there with his eyes half-closed (he was indeed very, very sleepy) so I left him in the room to do my stuff in the dining room. He tried to come after me, and because the floor tile is pretty cold, and without clothes on it is difficult for him to commando-crawl (the friction will be high I suppose), he just had to push his tummy off the ground and crawled to me.

That’s why they say Necessity Breeds Innovation, or in this case, Attempt!


Crawl baby, crawl! (Pardon the messy hair!)


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