The Little Man’s Antics


That’s another loud scream plus the weird expression.

1. The babysitter told me one day that Isa got into a ‘fight’ with another baby,named Adam. Adam is one month older from Isa as far as I could remember, so I suppose they are at the same age, mastered almost the same skills. So they were fighting for a toy, where Adam screamed when Isa tried to get that from him. Isa also screamed (I can imagine this in my head, his high pitch girl-like scream), and upon having the toy in his hand, he threw it away.

Okay, here’s a tantrum-throwing baby.

My mom told me this: That’s really you. Loud and moody.

And yes, when the babysitter tried to capture his antics on a camera phone, he looked at the phone and remained quiet.

2. Isa loves food as I have mentioned before, but the babysitters are still amazed by his ability to actually smell the food even while he is asleep. Isa was sleeping when the aunties were feeding the other kids. Isa woke up, turned on his tummy with eyes half-opened, smelled the food, opened his eyes wide, and crawl as fast as he could towards the aunties.

3. He loves food so much, that the babysitters had to ration his intake. One day, the note in his communication book was: ‘ Isa ate, but we gave a little only, because he just ate a LOT this morning’. I can understand the babysitters’ worries of making someone else’s child obese. I don’t mind whichever way they choose because Isa is growing well and on the other hand seems to take up eating as a hobby!

4. He loves playing with his dad (he called the dad ‘ayah’), and seems to look forward for their playtime in the evening – and that is so obvious because even when a little expression in his ayah’s face will make him laugh his heart out.

I’m indeed the boring mommy. Guilty as charged.

5. My mom had a point when she said we should train Isa to sleep separately albeit in the same room. We exempted him from the rule for a while when he was down with flu the other day, and now he refuses to sleep separately. We only noticed that when one night he woke up at 11pm on his mattress, and started crying endlessly even when I nursed him. We thought that it could be because of some tummy ache, or it being a little warmer on his mattress compared to our bed (which is actually a mattress without bed frame too).

But as soon as we put him on our bed, he stopped crying and dozed off peacefully.

Talk about not making your child used to expensive mattress. Huh.



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