Somebody’s Pouting

Yesterday was my first day at work this week, after four days of Chinese New Year break followed by one day of unplanned leave. So as I have expected, it was a hectic day – I have backlogs which somehow I feel due to me being overloaded rather than my incompetence, and by 6.00 pm I was still at my desk talking to my boss.

Office hour ends at 5.30pm, but the crèche allows 30 minutes buffer after that, so as long as I pick Isa by 6, I won’t be additionally-charged.

I only managed to arrived at the crèche at 6.15pm, 45 minutes past my working hour, to see that it’s only Isa’s bag that’s left at the crèche’s lobby.

It is sad to be the last kid being picked up, I know.

And by the time I saw Isa being carried by the babysitter to me, he wasn’t smiling as usual.

I put my hands forward to take him but he refused, looking away from me. I tried again, and this time around he even slapped my hands in protest.

So yes, somebody’s grown up enough to protest and pout. What a milestone.


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