The weekend getaway – Janda Baik

Everyone needs a break right?

It was just a few weeks into 2013, and I notice that my energy level is unbelievably low. Isa was a bit unwell – he was feverish for two days or so, mild one nevertheless – when my sister invited me to join her to go to Janda Baik for a weekend getaway.

FYI, Janda Baik is a village blessed with beautiful rivers flowing, and cooler climate thanks to the mostly-untouched forest. It is close to the city i.e. Kuala Lumpur, approximately 45km from where I live, which means less than an hour drive, and many landowners have opened chalets for tourists to enjoy the experience.

I was in dilemma for a while. I was in desperate need for a break, but travelling with Isa not being in his best health didn’t sound alright. But then I said to myself – this could be good for him as well you know, breathing fresh air instead of the polluted city air.

So I braved myself and made the decision – let’s pack and go!

And alhamdulillah, we both got what we wanted!

Isa gets better miraculously – his body temperature was normal throughout the two days, and I was, All praise is due to Him, felt relaxed.

All four of my siblings were there -my elder sister with her husband and son, and my unmarried sister and brother, and we had enjoyable time! We had barbecue, and it was awesome.

Of course I didn’t miss the chance to get into the river which is just in front of our chalet, and Isa too.

He didn’t seem to enjoy it the first time, but the next day, he liked it very much!

We stayed at this resort, if you are interested. Cheap, if you don’t mind not having first class facilities.


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