Still on Leave…

Someone is still on leave today and it is me.

My eye is still red and produces discharge, and there’s no way I could go to the office and ruin everyone’s end-year holiday by possibly infecting them. I still have headache, and Isa still coughs badly. My husband is mildly infected as well this morning so he called in sick too.

I still need to finish drafting the blueprint I am supposed to present next week. I don’t know when actually I can start doing that (though I have all the necessary documents laid on the dining table). Isa wants to stick with me all the time. I have exhausted all toys to distract him from me. It seems that all those we have already lack novelty so I made a new toy for him.


Tadaaa!! A recycled water bottle with beads! How girly is that?

I took an empty water bottle (didn’t even bother to dry them out of my desperation), filled it with variety of beads from my beading box (I add embellishment to my dresses myself so I have quite a number of various size, shape and colour), and now Isa gets a new toy.

But still, since he can’t move forward I still need to be beside him most of the time.

Mission almost failed!


That’s him, about to scream for the bottle he could not reach.


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