The Many Faces of Isa

Isn’t the new curtain attractive enough to play with? Isa on a weekend morning, playing next to a lazy mommy.
Isa’s waiting for daddy to come and pick us from office. He’s mobile now, though his ‘creeping’ movement is limited to turning to the left, right and funnily moving backward. He’s a bit frustrated with being unable to move forward that he ended up crying and screaming. That’s him after nursing – tired but contented!
Another morning in the bed. He’s pretty proficient with making bubbles and ‘spraying; around sincehe’s 5 months old – and he can keep doing that for some times.
They say at 6 months old the personality and individuality of your baby start to surface. I guess Isa is the kind who isn’t shy to make it obvious what he’s thinking and feeling

Is not it amazing how much progress a baby could make within a span of half a year? From a little creature with jerky movement to a guy with full determination, it is indeed a humbling experience to witness this.

All praise be to the Creator.


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