Books by Colour


To accommodate for our humble book collection, we finally bought ourselves a 4-tier bookshelf. We used the built-in bookshelf previously in our rented apartment, and buying a new one is indeed exciting! We opted for one which has 12 open compartments and three closed ones.

As expected, I have no shelving system whatsoever previously, but this time around I am determined to make our little library as organised as possible. Then came the question: How?

There are many ways to arrange the books. Apartment Therapy listed a few here, but I only considered these systems initially:

  1. Alphabetical
  2. Genre
  3. Colour

Then comes the ‘secondary’ arrangement by height (of spine).

To be honest, I don’t I have enough time for maintenance, so the first option is out. My husband favours the second one, but I suppose some books are hard to classify, and I am too lazy to do that. So I chose the third method, solely because I normally remember a book by its cover page, especially its colour.

We’ll see how long this could last!

P.S I first approached my husband by asking how he’d normally remember any book that he read – secretly hoping that he’d remember them the way I do – but unfortunately he, rather strangely remembers those he read by the font type and type set (what??).


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